Zip file of raw files comparing the 50mm 1.2 from Canon and Nikon

This course is for you if You Want to...

  • Want to be able to make a great photo in any location

  • Want to quickly identify the best backgrounds and pools of light for shooting

  • Be 100% clear on how light works and how to control it.

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What You'll Learn

Whether you are taking portraits in a cramped room, or shooting long exposures at the beach, narrowing down the infinite options to a specific final frame takes practice. In this brand new program Matt shows you how to analyse a scene, work through options and put together the elements that work in harmony.

We take you on a series of real location shoots ranging from designer homes to cramped apartments, shooting with men and women, and even a detailed location shoot at a beach showing the options present at different times of day.

Make great shots anywhere

  • How to identify and evaluate light sources in any scene

  • How to create a cohesive final image, including subject, scene and lighting

  • How to create the light that will deliver your desired results

  • How to use continuous or flash, available or added light

  • How to modify your shooting position, your subject and your background to work with the available elements

  • How to edit and crop your images to create impact

  • Lessons

    16 video lessons

  • Length

    3h 30m

  • Level

    Beginner - Intermediate