Do you want to learn how to...

  • Set up properly

    You want to avoid trial and error and get things done right.

  • Clear instructions

    You don't fully understand all of your camera's new functionality.

  • Save time

    You want to save time in the field by setting up efficiently to begin with.

  • Future Firmware

    All major features added by future firmware updates will be explained and demonstrated.

  • Hands On Demonstration

    As well as explaining what different options allow and when you might want to use them, Matt demonstrates many features hands on.

  • Lifetime access

    Customers will have access to all future updates at no extra charge.


Get the most from your camera

The X2D 100C includes a lot of new technology and customisation options. More features results in more options & more complexity. And potentially - more confusion.

This Expert Setup guide is designed to save you time, and get your new camera set up in exactly the way that will serve you best when out in the field. I show you a range of hidden features you may want to enable, as well as a suite of settings to suit different genres of photography.

You will learn...

  • How to customise your X2D 100C for YOUR use cases

  • What lens options will best suit your shooting style

  • Suggested custom button set up for maximum efficiency

  • How to create dedicated user profiles for different kinds of shooting

  • What memory cards will best suit your shooting style

  • Best settings for highest quality output

  • Matt's preferred portrait, landscape and street photography settings

  • How the new options will affect your shooting process

  • X2D Custom Settings set up and personalisation