This course is for you if...

  • You own a drone but the images aren’t coming out the way you hoped.

  • You want to get started with aerial photography but you don’t know where to start.

  • You are struggling to get a pro look when editing your aerial shots.

Watch Intro Video


Successfully execute an expert level aerial shoot!

What You'll Learn

With modern technology, aerial photography is no longer reserved for the mega-rich. With a fairly inexpensive drone, it’s possible to capture incredible images wherever you are.

But there is a lot to consider and some very important techniques that will ensure the final product is amazing.

All the fundamentals covered

  • How to prepare your gear for flight

  • What are the best settings

  • Get sharp images

  • How to conduct the shoot

  • Editing the final images

Shooting from the air can be expensive

Fly safely and make sure you get the shot!

  • Planning makes perfect

    Preparing to fly goes beyond buying a drone or booking a flight. You want to understand what camera settings you should consider to get the results you want. Don't be fumbling with trial and error in the air!

  • Two real world flights

    This practical video series brings you along on a full helicopter flight over Manhattan New York, and a start to finish drone flight. You will join us in the air and see the options available, creative choices and the final images and video created.

  • Edit your work

    Planning, flying and filming are the first steps - but until you edit and output your work, the job is incomplete. So we take you into the edit and show you how to edit your work for maximum impact and engagement.


  • Feel Confident and knowledgeable about starting aerial photography

  • Know how to use the gear you have to get the most amazing shots

  • Get ready and feel confident before your leave the ground.

  • Lessons

    5 video lessons

  • Length

    1h 5m

  • Level

    Beginner - Intermediate

Hear what other students are saying...

Great introduction


“I just spent all this money on a drone and the photos I’m getting just weren’t working, I was really upset. I found this course and it taught me how to turn this around! I’m getting amazing shots that people are loving!”

Ready for my flight


“I’ve been playing with the idea of doing a series of helicopter landscape images. I have the artistic vision but not the know-how. This course gave me all the tools I needed. I feel confident enough now to go for it!! Exciting!!!!”

Excited to start


“I’ve always seen photos taken from the sky and never thought I could achieve the same results. Now that I’ve done this course I realized I can and I can’t wait to get started! Thank you Matt!”

Go fly!


"Again, Matt Granger has delivered a series which can be utilised both by the beginner and more advanced enthusiast. Well laid out and presented, the series guides users through informative information and challenges them to, as Matt says, get your gear out. A philosophy I recommend any photographer to take to heart."

Hear what photographers have to say…

  • “I love shooting when I travel. But my photos never come out great. I figured I needed a better camera or to up my editing game. Nope. I needed to do this course!” - Henry

  • “Wow, this course helped me so much. I’ve been trying to improve my street photos recently and I didn’t really know how. I did this course and the exercises each day (I’ve actually done the course three times through now) and every time I’m blown away by the results. Thank you!” - Delilah

  • “Actually having some training behind my approach to street photography has changed everything. I’m confident shooting strangers, I’m able to approach people and ask for portraits, I’m seeing the city differently and taking shots I never would before. Thanks so much, Matt. - Ian


  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Download & Site Navigation

  • 2

    Helicopter Planning

    • Helicopter Planning

  • 3

    Get to the chopper

    • Helicopter Photoshoot

  • 4

    Drone Set up

    • Drone Set up

  • 5

    Drone Flight

    • Drone Flight

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

Matt's adventurous spirit has lead him all over the globe, and he now leads tours to a number of exotic locations. Before YouTube & traveling the world teaching, Matt is a passionate professional photographer, specializing in all things 'people' related. Matt has been published extensively in Australia and abroad, and has exhibited with the likes of Studio Harcourt.

Outside of work, Matt is a happy husband, a passionate traveler and explorer and a bit of a foodie. Matt studied economics and film studies degrees at university - two pillars that have driven the growth in his photography businesses.