This course is for you if You Want to...

  • Get Noticed

    Position yourself to stand out from the competition.

  • Get Paid

    Start selling your work to pay for new gear or go full time.

  • Grow your business

    Learn the skills to revitalize your business with more jobs and greater profit.

Watch Intro Video

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Establish your photography goals and make plans to achieve them!

Fast track your success

  • Identify your market and tailor appropriate products

  • Analyze market trends and identify opportunities to grow.

  • Plan and set goals that are meaningful and achievable.

  • Set prices that maximise income today, and future growth.

  • Develop systems that save you time and money long term

What You'll Learn

Whether you are considering occasional casual work, wanting to go full time, or wanting to grow your established business, this series will take you through all the steps needed, providing you with the tools and strategies to succeed.

As well as sharing advice to avoid common pitfalls, Matt provides a suite of contracts, documents and planning forms to help you establish your goals and formulate strategies to achieve them.

Building a successful business requires smart use of your time and resources

This course provides you with the tools and strategies to succeed

  • Make it work for YOU

    Not everyone wants to shoot weddings every weekend, or do 60 hours a week on location. Matt supports you to clarify what YOU want to achieve and provides tools and strategies to work towards that aim.

  • Jam Packed with information

    The 5 hour run time packs in decades of hard earned knowledge, tested in proactive and refined over 15 years of business. The course is in 11 modules so you can watch, take personal action, and return to the next segment.

  • Templates included

    We all know you should create a business plan, investment schedule, image waiver etc, but getting started is tricky. This program provides 15 planning aid templates so you can customize them and get to work!


  • Dreams of quitting their day job to pursue their passion

  • Has started a business but is not sure where to go next

  • Wants advice on setting goals and strategies

  • Wants to start selling work to pay for their equipment

  • Wants to set prices and create packages that customers buy

  • Wants to start selling work to pay for their gear

Hear what other students are saying...

Practical Advice

Anthony, Sydney

I found the practical advice on transitioning to a small business really useful. Receiving that type of advice from someone who has been through the process is good to keep people realistic about how to deal with the change without being a deterrent.

Making it Simple


Starting your own business and being your own boss is maybe one of the hardest tasks a human being could have to solve. Matt created a very informative guide which leads you through the starting process of creating your own business and it´ll always be a very interesting thing to watch again and again, as your goals changed.

Matt helped me reach the next level

Natasha, London

I started taking photos for fun two years ago and have recently realised I can capture something special in people. With people wanting to pay me for my work I was struggling with confidence issues and feeling that I may not be good enough. Matt has helped me see what I need to do to get to the next level.

Great Business guidance

Dan, Germany

As the CEO of a manufacturing company I found myself confronted with basic but essential questions that apply to anyone running a business. This guide leads you through all the challenges and offers solutions on how to face them – and it doesn’t just apply to photography, it applies to anyone who wants to go into business for themselves.

Save yourself time and guesswork

Alf, Japan

Matt Granger has produced a comprehensive step by step video guide of the various aspects and caveats that are often not considered by the new photographer. This series helps answer many of the practical questions that would have taken many months or years even in the business to figure out, and helps the photographer take the first steps in creating their own photography business. - a huge help, even for people that are already in the business.

Real world advice

Mauricio, Sydney

While so many other tutorials claim to provide you "magic formulas" for business success, Matt manages to lay out all the steps in a realistic, no gimmicks but completely doable way. If you are thinking of starting a photo business, or are struggling with getting one off the ground, this guide is a comprehensive way of analyzing what you need to do, and instructions on how to do it.
  • Lessons

    11 videos and document templates

  • Length

    4h 59m

  • Level

    Beginner - Intermediate


  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Download & Site Navigation

  • 2

    First Steps

    • First Steps

  • 3

    Getting Started

    • Getting Started

  • 4


    • Promotion

  • 5


    • Pricing

  • 6


    • Investment

  • 7

    Selling & getting your work seen

    • Getting your work seen

  • 8

    The Boring but Important stuff

    • The Boring but Important stuff

  • 9

    Finance Matters

    • Finance Matters

  • 10

    Growing your Business

    • Growing your Business

  • 11


    • Conclusion

  • 12

    Business Forms & Templates

    • Forms & Templates

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

As a professional working photographer for the past 15 years, Matt has learned what it takes to build a successful business and scale it to be a viable long term enterprise. Having studied business and marketing at University, Matt is able to bring together theoretical models and hands on experience to show you methods and tools that really work.