This course is for you if...

  • Want to craft dramatic and engaging portraits

  • Don’t want to carry a bag full of equipment to each location

  • Are not 100% clear on how light works and how to control it.

What You'll Learn

Hard or Soft. Natural or Artificial. Expensive or free… at the end of the day, light is light.

And if you master the key variables of light, you can create subtle, complex and dramatic images.

In this 6 hour program, Matt shoots with a host of different models showing you how you can use all kinds of lights to create dramatic results.
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Join Matt & the team on a series of portrait shoots

  • How to identify and evaluate light sources in any scene

  • How to create a cohesive portrait concept, including model, outfit, scene, props and lighting

  • How to create the light that will deliver your desired results

  • How to use continuous or flash, available or added light

  • How to modify your shooting position, your subject and your background to work with the available light

  • How to select the right modifier to create the results you want

Once you can see and understand the light - you can create anything!

This course teaches you all the variables of light at your disposal

  • Join Matt, Steph & the Team

    This interactive course brings you along as professional photographer and educator shoots in a series of different lighting situations with Steph and other models.

  • Hands on

    This program is designed to be interactive. We walk you through a variety of challenging lighting situations, showing you the before, during and after images possible.

  • Control The Light

    Matt is going to demystify the light for you. Once you learn to see and identify the key variables of light - the world of photography will open up to you. You will know that challenging situations have simple solutions.

Hear what photographers have to say…

  • "I can't imagine it is ever boring working with you and Stef. You have so much chemistry and the fun of that really shows in your images 👏 " - PeoplePix UK.

  • “I’ve never thought about light the way Matt describes it. He’s right, that’s all photography is. Once I did this course my photography started improving exponentially. I’m starting to look at the world differently, looking for interesting light all the time. I’m so inspired!!” - Henry

  • “You don't just see the final product and an ideal setup. You actually see how someone gets there and the trial and error that actually goes into making a great shot. So much better than being in a classroom!” - Duncan

Imagine You Could…

  • Consistently craft dramatic and engaging portraits

  • Shoot professional portraits with a basic lightweight kit

  • Scan any scene and instantly evaluate the light sources and the results you will get.

  • Modify any light source to get the results you wanted

  • Create images that look complexly lit, with just one light

  • Lessons

    35 videos

  • Length

    Over 6 Hours

  • Level

    Beginner - Intermediate


  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Download & Site Navigation

  • 2

    High Speed Sync - Superhero Shoot

    • Superhero part 1

    • Superhero part 2

  • 3


    • Silhouettes

  • 4

    Invisible Lighting

    • Invisible Lighting

  • 5

    Dramatic Dance

    • Dramatic Dance part 1

    • Dramatic Dance part 2

  • 6

    Fill Light

    • Fill light

  • 7

    Casting Shadows

    • Cast Shadows pt1

    • Cast Shadows pt2

    • Cast Shadows pt3

    • Cast Shadows pt4

  • 8

    Creating Shadows with source

    • Creating Shadows part 1

    • Creating Shadows part 2

  • 9

    Restricted Light with Feathers

    • Restricted Light with Feathers

  • 10

    Green Light

    • Green Light

  • 11

    Soft Light Fashion - Softbox vs Bounce

    • Soft Light Fashion - Softbox vs Bounce

  • 12

    Muscle Portraits - Hard vs Soft Light

    • Muscle Portraits - Hard vs Soft Light

  • 13

    Intentional Lens Flare

    • Lens Flare

  • 14

    Separation Options

    • Separation Options pt1

    • Separation Options pt2

  • 15

    On Camera Flash - Directional light

    • On Camera Flash

  • 16

    Freezing Water Drops

    • Freezing Water Drops

  • 17

    Create a Studio anywhere

    • Mobile Studio part 1

    • Mobile Studio part 2

  • 18

    One light, two uses

    • One light, two uses

  • 19

    Bath Tub Bonus shoot

    • Bath Tub Bonus pt1

    • Bath Tub Bonus pt2

  • 20

    Equipment List

    • Equipment List

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

As a working photographer for the past 15 years, Matt has shot professionally all around the world.

Matt has taught lighting workshops all around the world, including Sydney, London, New York, Singapore, Germany and more.

Dramatic single light portraiture is exactly that. Matt teaches you how to use one light source in a variety of different ways that create dramatic and engaging portraits.


In 2020 I released a 5 part express version of this program as part of the 5 Day Deal. If you purchased that, please check your email as I have already written to you to give you access to those segments.

This Masterclass is a much more comprehensive version with 4X more content and 35 different videos included.

If you already have the initial express version and you want to purchase only the additional segments, you can check out the upgrade version below. Please be aware it does not contain the complete program, and is only intended for those who already purchased the 5 Day Deal version.