• Every Region of Iceland

    Go beyond the golden circle and discover epic photo opportunities off the tourist trail.

  • Pack Correctly

    Know what equipment you will need, what you can leave at home and suggestions of creative ways to approach each location.

  • Clear instructions

    For each location you will learn the key facts, safety considerations, photography tips access information and more.

  • Time it correctly

    Learn the best times of day and best season of the year to visit each location, as well as the photographic opportunities available given the lighting and weather on the day.

  • Itineraries

    Not sure how to fill your time? The course includes suggested intineraries for summer and winter, for different lengths of stay, and different parts of the country. Customise them for your perfect photography adventure.

  • Local Amenities

    Beyond photography locations, the guide also lists out nearby amenities such as restaurants and lodging, so you can easily plan out your adventure.


You Photography Adventure Awaits

Iceland is on many photographers bucklists, for good reason. It offers outstanding opportunities for photographers all year round.

This Expert travel guide is designed to save you time, and help you plan, pack and execute an amazing adventure.

Matt takes you along to all of his favourite photography locations - all around the country. He shares the different photography opportunities at each location, the best time of day and season of year to visit, as well as giving photography tips and advice.

This course was filmed over several years and multiple visits, after more than a decade of experience leading photography adventure tours.
  • eBook

    Over 200 pages of detailed information and photography inspiration

  • Duration

    Over 5 hours of 4K Video, filmed on location

  • Level

    Suitable for All Levels of Experience

You will learn...

  • How to make travel images that stand out from the crowd

  • What to pack - for your trip and day to day

  • All of Matt's favourite photo locations

  • How to take care of your camera gear in wild weather

  • The best time of day to visit locations

  • How to access and stay safe at each locationThe photograp

  • The creative opportunities during each season of the year

  • Options of where to stay and eat on your trip

  • Planning skills you can transfer to any destination

  • Icelands unique history and culture

Plan your dream travel photography trip

Iceland offers so many opportunities, this guide will help you narrow down the options and create an itinerary that works for you.

  • Right Gear, Time and Place

    Having the right equipment for each location, and keeping it safe and dry, will make your photography adventure a lot less stressful.
    Matt suggests different focal lengths and photo opportunities for each location.

  • Understand the Options

    Some attractions in Iceland are seasonal, and some are great all year round. Knowing which destinations are worth your while, and which are simply overhyped by social media, will help you plan your trip

  • Chasing Light

    In summer, the sun never fully sets, and in winter, the skies come alive with the aurora. Iceland has dramatic weather and light, which elevates this alien terrain into a photography heaven. Learn the best time of day to visit locations and what creative options different lighting conditions present.

Hear what photographers have to say…

  • “I love shooting when I travel. But my photos never come out great. I figured I needed a better camera or to up my editing game. Nope. I needed to do this course!” - Henry

  • “Wow, this course helped me so much. I’ve been trying to improve my photos recently and I didn’t really know how. I did this course and the exercises each day (I’ve actually done the course three times through now) and every time I’m blown away by the results. Thank you!” - Delilah

  • " Always a pleasure to watch Matts videos, so well thought out, presented and articulated, leaving the viewer engaged , entertained and realise that this is all coming from a true industry professional, Thanks Matt !!" Deckard

  • "Thank you for your knowledge and experience." T. Rob Brown

  • “Actually having some training behind my approach to photography has changed everything. I’m confident shooting strangers, I’m able to approach people and ask for portraits, I’m seeing the city differently and taking shots I never would before. Thanks so much, Matt. - Ian

  • "Your Professionalism is extremely appreciated Matt. Your observations are also reasonable and rational. Thank you for this very detailed Presentation Bro!" Ronald

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

As a professional working photographer for the past 15 years, Matt has organised dozens of photography adventure tours across the globe.

One country that continues to bring him back is Iceland. Every day is a new adventure. The changing season, and unpredictable weather bring a magical element to an already breathtaking landscape.

Over his many visits to Iceland, Matt has learnt how to plan, prepare and experience the best of Iceland, whilst caring for his equipment in challenging conditions.

This 5 hour program shares Matt's experiences and all of his favorite shooting locations.


  • 1


    • Introduction


    • Download & navigation

  • 2

    Icelandic Specialties

    • Icelandic Horses

    • Drones in Iceland

    • Seals

    • Reindeer

  • 3

    Reykjavik Locations

    • Location 1

    • Location 2

    • Location 3

    • Location 4

    • Location 5

    • Location 6

    • Location 7

  • 4

    Southern Locations

    • Location 1

    • Location 1 pt2

    • Location 2

    • Location 3

    • Location 4

    • Location 5

    • Location 6

    • Location 7

    • Location 8

    • Location 9

    • Location 10

    • Location 11

    • Location 12

    • Location 13

  • 5

    Eastern Locations

    • Location 1

    • Location 2

    • Location 3

    • Location 4

    • Location 5

  • 6

    Northern Locations

    • Location 1

    • Location 2

    • Location 3

    • Location 4

    • Location 5

    • Location 6

    • Location 7

  • 7

    Western Locations

    • Location 1

    • Location 2

    • Location 3

    • Location 4

    • Location 5

  • 8

    West Fjords Locations

    • Location 1

    • Location 2

    • Location 3

  • 9

    Travel Guide - eBook

    • eBook - PDF and ePub