This course is for you if...

  • Want consistent and repeatable results

  • You often over or underexpose your images by mistake.

  • You struggle to create dramatic results when taking photos.

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Learn to evaluate the scene, envision your desired result, and create it!

What You'll Learn

All a camera is doing is recording light. If you don’t understand how light works and how to control it you are not getting the most from your photos.

This course will teach you everything you need to take control of your photography and start creating amazing images.

Join Matt & Tina on this interactive program

From class room lessons and practical assignments

  • I teach Tina and you at the same time!

  • Learn how light works and how to control it

  • Join a dozen targeted hands on assignments, and watch as Tina does them too

  • Learn how to craft dramatic light and shadow

Once you can see and understand the light - you can create anything!

This course teaches you all the variables of light at your disposal

  • Join Tina and Matt

    This interactive course brings you along as a professional photographer and educator teaches his friend Tina all about the light. You learn as she learns - also great if you ever want to teach your friends.

  • Hands on

    This program is designed to be interactive. As Matt goes through the theory and classroom lessons, he then gives Tina and YOU an assignment to go try for yourself - hands on. You can watch as Tina does her work, and do it yourself, learning by doing.

  • Control The Light

    Matt is going to demystify the light for you. Once you learn to see and identify the key variables of light - the world of photography will open up to you. You will know that challenging situations have simple solutions.

Hear what photographers have to say…

  • “You don't just see the final product and an ideal setup. You actually see how someone gets there and the trial and error that actually goes into making a great shot. So much better than being in a classroom!” - Duncan

  • “I really liked the series! I got inspired and learned SO much. It was actually more than expected. I thought it was going to be just flash photography, but I am glad that your approach was more towards how to capture light, flash or not.” - Pelle

  • “I’ve never thought about light the way Matt describes it. He’s right, that’s all photography is. Once I did this course my photography started improving exponentially. I’m starting to look at the world differently, looking for interesting light all the time. I’m so inspired!!” - Henry

Take Control of The Light is for anyone who...

  • Wants to feel confident in any lighting situation

  • Wants to teach a friend how to work with light

  • Wants a hands on interactive program

  • Wants to create more complex and dramatic images

  • Wants consistent results - whatever the lighting situation and gear used

  • Is ready to step up and Take Control of their photography

  • Lessons

    15 videos

  • Length

    3h 32m

  • Level

    Beginner - Intermediate


  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Download & Site Navigation

  • 2


    • Exposure part 1

    • Exposure part 2

  • 3

    Introduction to Light

    • Introduction to Light

  • 4

    Gear Talk

    • Gear Talk

  • 5

    Mastering Light

    • Mastering Light part 1

    • Mastering Light part 2

  • 6

    Bonus Challenge

    • Bonus Challenge

  • 7


    • Assignment 1

    • Assignment 2

    • Assignment 3

    • Assignment 4

    • Assignment 5

    • Assignment 6

    • Assignment 7

    • Assignment 8

    • Assignment 9

    • Assignment 10

    • Assignment 11

    • Assignment 12

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

As a working photographer for the past 15 years, Matt has shot professionally all around the world. The Take Control of the Light workshop started as a face to face workshop taught in Sydney, London, New York, Singapore, Germany and more. Hundreds of students have completed this training and successfully taken control of the light and in turn, their photography.