This course is for you if ...

  • You’ve tried shooting macro before but you don’t love the results.

  • You’ve seen macro shots in the past and thought you could never achieve the same look.

  • You want to start taking macro photos but you don’t know how.

Master the basics of macro and quickly produce professional results!

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What You'll Learn

In just over three hours you’ll learn everything you need to start creating amazing macro images.

From choosing the right lens and getting the lighting perfect, through to advanced editing techniques and problem-solving, this really is a crash course in macro mastery.

You’ll learn how to create incredible images of bugs, flowers, and even problematic reflective surfaces like watches easily and professionally.

Hear what photographers have to say…

  • “Matt has broken down macro photography in a really easy to understand, but most importantly actionable way. I am getting results that I NEVER thought would be possible!”

    - S.J.

  • “I always assumed that macro photography was reserved for pros with crazily expensive gear. Doing this course has totally changed that. I can get the same results at home! I loved this course.”

    - L.E.

  • “I’ve been shooting macro for years. But I would spend hours editing the final image. With Matt’s techniques I’m actually able to produce images that need almost no post-production...where were you ten years ago!”

    - H.R.


  • Wants to take detailed macro shots

  • Isn't clear on lighting options

  • Wants a cheat code to great results fast

  • Isn't clear on the lenses and terminology

  • Likes to see practical demonstrations

  • Wants to start selling work

  • Lessons

    22 videos

  • Length

    3h 18m

  • Level



  • 1


    • Introduction Part 1 - Terminology

    • Introduction Part 2 - Sharpness

    • Download & Site Navigation

  • 2

    General Equipment

    • General Equipment Part 1 - On and Off-Camera Flash Options

    • General Equipment Part 2 - Lightboxes

  • 3


    • Lenses Part 1 - Laowa 15mm F/4

    • Lenses Part 2 - Laowa 24mm Probe Lens

    • Lenses Part 3 - Laowa 25mm F/2.8 & Sony 50mm F/2.8

    • Lenses Part 4 - Nikon 90mm F2.8 & Laowa 100mm F/2.8

    • Lenses Part 5 - Tokina 100mm F/2.8 & Voigtlander 110mm F/2.5

    • Lenses Part 6 - IRIX 150mm T/3.0

    • Lenses Part 7 - Adapters

  • 4

    Flowers & Bugs

    • Using a Probe Macro Lens

    • Capturing Bugs on a Flower

  • 5

    Abstract Textures

    • Abstract Textures Part 1 - A Head of Wheat

    • Abstract Textures Part 2 - A Feather & A Seed Pod

  • 6

    Light Options

    • Light Options Part 1 - Continuous Light & On-Camera Flash

    • Light Options Part 2 - Off-Camera Flash

  • 7

    Creating Shadows

    • Creating Shadows

  • 8


    • Working with a Watch - Part 1

    • Working with a Watch - Part 2

  • 9

    Focus Stacking

    • Focus Staking Part 1 - Shooting for Focus Stacking

    • Focus Staking Part 2 - Editing Workflow

  • 10

    Gear Used

    • Gear Guide PDF

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

As a professional working photographer for the past 15 years, Matt has learned what it takes to build a successful business and scale it to be a viable long term enterprise.

Having studied business and marketing at University, Matt is able to bring together theoretical models and hands on experience to show you methods and tools that really work.