This course is for you if ...

  • You want to master Natural and available light.

  • Want to travel light and minimize the equipment you carry.

  • You want to get predictable and repeatable results, no matter the lighting conditions.

Whether you are shooting indoors, outdoors or in low light situations, this program will show you the options to create stunning images.

What You'll Learn

Whether you are shooting indoors, outdoors or in low light situations, this program will show you the options to create stunning images.

By the end of the course you will be able to evaluate the available light sources (both natural and artificial), know the results they will create and your options to modify, restrict, soften or fill in with the aid of simple accessories.

Matt demonstrates the accessories and techniques on a series of model photoshoots in and around the home, as well as on location.

“At its best, Natural and available light can be beautiful and give you precisely the results you want – but just as often it is not giving you what you require.

I created this course to show you how to get the results you want, no matter what the available light is providing.”

Matt Granger

  • Lessons

    34 videos

  • Length

    4h 59m

  • Level

    Beginner - Intermediate


  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Download & Site Navigation

  • 2

    Light is Light

    • Light is Light - Part 1

    • Light is Light – Part 2

    • Light is Light – Part 3

  • 3


    • Accessories – Part 1

    • Accessories – Part 2

    • Accessories – Part 3

    • Accessories – Part 4

  • 4

    Outdoor Introduction

    • Outdoor Introduction

  • 5

    Outdoor Direct Sunlight Headshots

    • Outdoor Direct Sunlight Headshots – Part 1

    • Outdoor Direct Sunlight Headshots – Part 2

    • Outdoor Direct Sunlight Headshots – Part 3

  • 6

    Outdoor Direct Sunlight Full Body

    • Outdoor Direct Sunlight Full Body

  • 7

    Improvised Reflectors

    • Improvised Reflectors

  • 8

    Overcast Day

    • Overcast Day

  • 9

    Outdoor Shade

    • Outdoor Shade – Part 1

    • Outdoor Shade – Part 2

  • 10

    Dappled Light

    • Dappled Light

  • 11


    • Cookie

  • 12

    Golden Hour - Sunset

    • Golden Hour - Sunset

  • 13

    Embracing Hard Light

    • Embracing Hard Light - Part 1

    • Embracing Hard Light - Part 2

  • 14

    Indoor Introduction

    • Indoor Introduction

  • 15

    Window Light Basics

    • Window Light Basics

  • 16

    Mixed Light Sources

    • Mixed Light Sources

  • 17

    Sun Soaked Room

    • Sun Soaked Room

  • 18

    Embracing Soft Light

    • Embracing Soft Light - Part 1

    • Embracing Soft Light - Part 2

  • 19

    Pools of Light

    • Pools of Light

  • 20

    Balancing Indoor and Outdoor Light

    • Balancing Indoor and Outdoor Light

  • 21

    Low Light Introduction

    • Low Light Introduction - Part 1

    • Low Light Introduction - Part 2

  • 22

    Low Light Candles

    • Low Light Candles

  • 23

    Blue Hour

    • Blue Hour

  • 24


    • Conclusion

  • 25

    Source Files

    • Equipment

Hear what photographers have to say…

  • "Matt explains things in ways that anyone can understand, this combined with the wealth of information within the assignments my photography is going to be so much better as a result" - Deanne

  • “I’ve never thought about light the way Matt describes it. He’s right, that’s all photography is. Once I did this course my photography started improving exponentially. I’m starting to look at the world differently, looking for interesting light all the time. I’m so inspired!!” - Henry

  • “You don't just see the final product and an ideal setup. You actually see how someone gets there and the trial and error that actually goes into making a great shot. So much better than being in a classroom!” - Duncan

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

As a professional working photographer for the past 15 years, Matt has learned what it takes to build a successful business and scale it to be a viable long term enterprise.

Having travelled the world on photography assignments, leading tours and exploring, Matt spent a decade making the most of what a scene provides and crafting nuanced images with basic equipment. This course gives you the tools to do the same.