• Set up properly

    You want to avoid trial and error and get things done right.

  • Clear instructions

    You don't fully understand all of your camera's new functionality.

  • Save time

    You want to save time in the field by setting up efficiently to begin with.

  • Cheat Sheets

    PDF reference document for every camera to refer to in the field

  • Firmware V3.0

    All major new features for Nikon Z9 firmware v2.0, v2.1 & v3.0 explained and demonstrated.

  • Every Z Camera

    Course covers every Nikon Z camera, including the new Z30, Zfc and Z9.


Get the most from your camera

More features results in more options & more complexity. And potentially - more confusion.

This Expert Setup guide is designed to save you time, and get your new camera set up in exactly the way that will serve you best when out in the field. I show you a range of hidden features you may want to enable, as well as a suite of settings to suit different genres of photography.

This course is designed to cover the Z mirrorless range. It focuses primarily on the Z9 as well as the Z7ii, Z6ii, Z50, Z5, Zfc & Z30.

You will learn...

  • How to customise your Z camera for YOUR use case

  • Suggested custom button set up for maximum efficiency

  • How to create dedicated user profiles for different kinds of shooting

  • What memory cards will best suit your shooting style & budget

  • How to optimise your stills and video output

  • Matt's preferred portrait, landscape and action settings profiles

  • How the new options will affect your shooting process

  • Best Video options to select for your workflow

  • The new Z9 features and options

  • Z9 Custom Settings Menu bank set up and customisation

Learn how to set up your Z Camera

The Z9 is a ground breaking camera - by far the most advanced and fully featured camera Nikon have ever released.
Despite this, the attractive price means that many photographers are taking the step up to this level of camera for the first time.

Set it up correctly for maximum performance!

  • Cameras are computers

    The Z range of cameras offer a HUGE range of options. Of course you can use as many or as few of them as you like - but knowing where the options are, and what they do, empowers you to get the most from your equipment.

  • Understand the Options

    Camera manuals do a good job of explaining the difference between what different setting's technically - this guide takes it a step further by explaining how, when and why you might want to use different options.

  • Create User Profiles

    If you like to photograph a variety of different things, you can set up your camera with preset profiles for each one. Landscape, portrait, action, video. Simply set up each profile, and you're away.

Hear what other Nikon Users are saying...

Excellent Investment!

Glen Bardot

Hi Matt, I just completed your "Nikon Mirrorless Expert Setup Guide V2.1" tutorial for the Z9, and it was well worth the investment of both time & $$$.

I found your "deep dive" into the menu and customization options particularly helpful and informative. It's amazing how quickly menu and setup information can be forgotten when not used & accessed on a regular basis. Obviously, that information is second nature to you at this point.

I can now use my Z9 with full confidence

John Roche

“Having invested in the new Nikon Z9 I was anxious to understand and learn all the features as soon as possible. I purchased Matt’s Nikon Mirrorless Expert guide having read it was updated to cover the new Z9. I have found it really helpful not only in understanding the differences from my Z7 but also in helping me understand some general Z series items that frankly would have helped me when I had the Z7. The videos are well made and contain useful practical examples as well as good technical explanations. The Suggested customs settings are very helpful and have made shooting different subjects much more efficient. Every single menu item is clearly explained and I found the sections very helpful in allowing me to take each section separately over a period of a few days. The cost is a very small price to pay given the speed at which I can now use my Z9 with full confidence.”

John Williams

Great course - strongly recommended.

The information is presented in 'bite sized' pieces which are indexed, and easy to go back to as needed. It clearly demonstrates all the menu features, and how to use the function buttons.

Additionally Matt provides some specific settings he recommends for different shooting styles, but more importantly armed with the information in the course you will have the knowledge to effectively set up your own customs function buttons, shooting banks, and the imenu to insure you take advantage of all the features that will be key to your preferred type of shooting.


Wilson Silverthorne

Matt you are killing it!!! So much comprehensive Z9 material. You are absolutely hitting what people are wondering about and want to see. Huge thanks for your extraordinary effort. You are a 100% hit rate on pertinent content. Kudos dude

Thank you

T. Rob Brown

Thank you for your knowledge and experience.

A true pro


Always a pleasure to watch Matts videos, so well thought out, presented and articulated, leaving the viewer engaged , entertained and realise that this is all coming from a true industry professional, Thanks Matt !!

Top Source


You have made yourself the top source on all things Z9 and we all appreciate you for that.

Detailed Presetation

Ronald Pollard

Your Professionalism is extremely appreciated Matt. Your observations are also reasonable and rational. Thank you for this very detailed Presentation Bro!!

Bruce Ashmore

Thanks for another comprehensive easy to understand guide.

I downloaded the Z Mirrorless Camera Guide because I preordered a Z 9 through your link to B&H Photo and wanted to get a head start on understanding all the menus and functions.

I even learned some things that apply to my Nikon DSLR that I hadn’t understood fully before.

Now if only I could get the camera and start using it.

Duane Smith

I just finished the Nikon Set Up guide.


What a great way to get up to speed with the Nikon mirrorless. I am new to that and just getting back into photography so has increased my knowledge and confidence in the tools dramatically.