This course is for you if...

  • You struggle to capture interesting or unique portraits.

  • Your portraiture isn’t improving even though you shoot regularly.

  • You don’t know how to pose your subject to get a great shot.

Know exactly what will look best in every frame!

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What You'll Learn

This is not an exhaustive manual, but a guide that will both educate you on the fundamentals of taking amazing portraits and inspire you to up your game.

You’ll learn how to think like a professional to ensure that you always get great shots that both you and your model are happy with.

Its step by step workflow will take away all concerns you have about the camera and the technique so you can focus on being a creative, thoughtful and inspired artist!

Imagine you could…

  • Think like a pro and create incredible portraits

  • Understanding how to plan and prepare for a shoot so that the results are amazing

  • Apply this proven workflow to your own days of shooting

Breaking down my portrait images taken all around the world

  • Inspiration

    I show you variations taken so you can see the options available in a given scene. This series provides inspiration for your future portraits.

  • Context leads creativity

    As I talk you through my experience in the field, you can take away insights that will help inform your future shoots.

  • Settings -> Results

    Knowing the technical considerations and camera settings, and seeing the resulting images will help you when framing up your next shot.

Hear what photographers have to say…

  • “I have been just reaching for a camera and shooting. My images become boring and un-thought-out. This guide really helped me understand my process and how to become a truly excellent portrait photographer.” - R.H.

  • “Thanks, Matt! This guide really did for me what it says on the tin. You have improved my portraiture many many times over. I feel calm and confident with a camera and I’m producing awesome work!!” - J.S.

  • “Every photographer should watch this guide and carry it with them. Matt is such a great teacher and has down all the hard work of codifying how to approach taking great portraits. Awesome stuff.” - H.S.

  • Lessons

    24 video lessons

  • Length

    2h 45m

  • Level

    All Levels


  • 1

    Ethiopian Child Photo

    • Ethiopian Child Photo

  • 2

    Ethiopian Cattle Herder

    • Ethiopian Cattle Herder

  • 3

    Mursi Mother

    • Mursi Mother

  • 4

    Apprentice Geisha in Kyoto

    • Apprentice Geisha in Kyoto

  • 5

    Bhutanese Monk

    • Bhutanese Monk

  • 6

    Tour Guide in Bhutan

    • Tour Guide in Bhutan

  • 7

    Portrait of the Patriarch

    • Portrait of the Patriarch

  • 8

    Emotions in Chile

    • Emotions in Chile

  • 9

    Muslim Man in Southern Ethiopia

    • Muslim Man in Southern Ethiopia

  • 10

    Eagle Huntress - Mongolia

    • Eagle Huntress - Mongolia

  • 11

    Remote Andean Festival

    • Remote Andean Festival

  • 12

    Bhutan Festival Men

    • Bhutan Festival Men

  • 13

    Cuban Tobacco Farmers

    • Cuban Tobacco Farmers

  • 14

    Bride and Groom

    • Bride and Groom

  • 15

    Cuban Flag Portraits

    • Cuban Flag Portraits

  • 16

    Manhattan Ninja

    • Manhattan Ninja

  • 17

    Bubble Bath

    • Bubble Bath

  • 18

    Candid Travel Portraits

    • Candid Travel Portraits

  • 19

    Machine Gun Man

    • Machine Gun Man

  • 20


    • Scouts

  • 21


    • Fishnets

  • 22


    • Madness

  • 23

    High Kick

    • High Kick

  • 24

    Creative Self-Portrait

    • Creative Self-Portrait

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

Matt's adventurous spirit has lead him all over the globe, and he now leads tours to a number of exotic locations. Before YouTube & traveling the world teaching, Matt is a passionate professional photographer, specializing in all things 'people' related.

Matt has been published extensively in Australia and abroad, and has exhibited with the likes of Studio Harcourt. Outside of work, Matt is a happy husband, a passionate traveler, and explorer and a bit of a foodie. Matt studied economics and film studies degrees at university - two pillars that have driven the growth in his photography businesses.