These backgrounds are for you if...

  • An image you love has a boring sky.

  • You want to change the background you have few choices.

  • You struggle to capture a great subject and background in one shot.

Quickly swap out the sky for a gorgeous hi-resolution image!

What You'll Get

Being in the right spot at the right time, when your subject is well lit and the sky looks great is almost impossible. That is why I created this pack of backgrounds.

Have you ever wanted to capture a person and have the background be the night sky? Without flashes and a math degree, this is basically impossible. Not any more.

Simply and quickly drop these images under yours and blend in amazing skyscapes, mountains, and stars.

Hear what photographers have to say…

  • “These are amazing. Not only are my images ten times better it’s a very creative workflow to work with them. I find myself digging deeper into Photoshop than ever before!!” - P.S.

  • “I was worried that it would be hard to work with these but it’s really easy and the few images I’ve used them on are incredible. Thanks Matt!” - E.T.

  • “You don't just see the final product and an ideal setup. You actually see how someone gets there and the trial and error that actually goes into making a great shot. So much better than being in a classroom!” - Duncan

  • Lessons

    20 high resolution images

  • Level

    All levels


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    Mountains, Skies and Stars

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Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

Matt's adventurous spirit has lead him all over the globe, and he now leads tours to a number of exotic locations. Before YouTube & traveling the world teaching, Matt is a passionate professional photographer, specializing in all things 'people' related. Matt has been published extensively in Australia and abroad, and has exhibited with the likes of Studio Harcourt.

Outside of work, Matt is a happy husband, a passionate traveler and explorer and a bit of a foodie. Matt studied economics and film studies degrees at university - two pillars that have driven the growth in his photography businesses.