This course is for you if...

  • Once you are out of your comfort zone your photos suffer.

  • You want to branch out into different areas of photography but it’s daunting.

  • You don’t want to feel like a beginner anymore.

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The right tools to achieve your photographic dreams!

What You'll Learn

This course is broken into two sections. First I’ll take you through all the basics of the camera, how to choose your camera gear, all the basics of exposure and manual camera settings, as well as travel photography, portraiture, and fashion photography.

In the second half, we will take this knowledge and use it in practical exercises.

Knowing how to attack different styles of photography will help you find your own unique voice and area of interest.

Join Matt & Tina on this interactive program

From class room lessons and practical shooting assignments

  • Go from zero to shooting a complete fashion and portrait shoot.

  • Master your camera in full manual

  • Truly understand the camera, lighting and working in different situations,

Once you can see and understand the light - you can create anything!

This course teaches you all the variables of light at your disposal

  • Join Tina and Matt

    This interactive course brings you along as professional photographer and educator teaches his friend Tina the fundamentals of photography. You learn as she learns - also great if you ever want to teach your friends.

  • Hands on

    This program is designed to be interactive. As Matt goes through the theory and lessons, he then takes Tina out into real world shooting situations. You can watch as Tina does her work, and do it yourself, learning by doing.

  • Master all the fundamentals

    Of the course of this program you will learn about camera equipment, camera essentials and experience a wide range of photography genres. It provides a great overview from which to launch your photography journey.

Educating Tina is for anyone who...

  • Wants to master the fundamentals

  • Wants to teach a friend how to work with light

  • Wants a hands on interactive program

  • Wants to create more complex and dramatic images

  • Wants to try a wide variety of genres - headshots to travel, boudoir to sports.

  • Is ready to step up and take their photography to the next level

Hear what photographers have to say…

  • “I have used two or three on-line classes in the past for various photography applications but this series is without a doubt the best I have seen. It is very comprehensive, easily understood and uses very practical examples which you can, in turn, try yourself as you work your way through the course. And unlike many others, it doesn’t assume that you have an arsenal of equipment at your beck and call. With Matt and Tina’s usual humorous bent, it really is a joy to work through each session. There is a lot of material here for the price. I would highly recommend it.”

    - Doug

  • “I cannot believe the amount of information, tips, and practical exercises included in this course. As I’m working through it my photography is improving so much that my friends keep commenting on my work. This was the exact training I needed to improve my photography. Thank you!”

    - Leo

  • “I’ve been looking for a course like this. Every component is properly broken down in a way that I can understand. Not only was it informative but I really enjoyed the training and I’m seeing amazing results already!”

    - Deanne

  • Lessons

    20 Videos Lessons

  • Length

    11 h 55m

  • Level



  • 1

    Educating Tina Season 1 (Photography Masterclass)

    • Camera Buying Guide

    • Aperture and Depth of Field

    • Photographic Accessories

    • Shutter Speed and Long Exposure

    • ISO, Exposure and Image Quality

    • Travel Photography Challenge

    • White Balance

    • Exposure Compensation, Metering Modes & Bracketing

    • Lens Options

    • Photography Inspiration - Studying the Masters

    • Planning a Fashion Shoot

    • Portrait Challenge - Studio, Strobist & Reflector

    • Live Fashion Shoot BTS

    • Download & Site Navigation

  • 2

    Educating Tina Season 2 (Photography Masterclass)

    • Premiere

    • Beauty Photography

    • Travel Photography

    • Marco Photography

    • Fitness Photography

    • Sunset Photography

    • Parkour

    • Headshots

    • Street Photography

Meet Your Teacher

Matt Granger

As a working photographer for the past 15 years, Matt has shot professionally all around the world. The Take Control of the Light workshop started as a face to face workshop taught in Sydney, London, New York, Singapore, Germany and more. Hundreds of students have completed this training and successfully taken control of the light and in turn, their photography.